If you have a short account bid from the EOS main network, you can sell the sub-accounts of the short account in Meiya.


Short Accounts: Mean accounts with a length of less than 12 characters, and are bid in the auction from the EOS main network, such as: com, pro, biz, win.

Sub-Accounts: Mean that short accounts have the right to create sub-accounts under them, for instance, short account biz can create a sub-account apple.biz.

EOS Account Permission: There are two levels of permission of each EOS account by default, namely Owner permission and Active permission.

Owner Permission: Owner represents the owner of the account. The Owner permission is the highest level permission of an account, which can manage the Owner and Active members (with public keys), perform almost any operation such as transferring EOS and creating accounts. Controlling the private key of the Owner permission, means controlling the EOS account.

Active Permission: With its rights weaker than the Owner permission, it is usually only used to transfer EOS, create accounts, call a contract, etc.

How to sell your sub-accounts?

Add a Short Account: register an account on Meiya, then add your short account and set the price after logging in.

Set Prices: set the registration price according to the length of the sub-account, for example, if you set the price of sub-accounts of short account pro with a length of 2 as 20EOS, then the registration price of jd.pro is 20EOS.

Authorization: you need to add the "EOS public key generated by Meiya" to your short account in the Active permission group.

Set Special Price: if needed, you can also set a separate price for a specific sub-account.

Balance: you need to reserve a small amount of EOS in your short account for creating accounts, the consumed EOS will be returned in full after settlement.

Permission Setting

• You can use the wallet, Cleos, etc. to add the Meiya public key to the Active permission group, or you can use the one-click settings on the page provided by Meiya.

• After putting on sale, Meiya merely owns the Active permission of the short account, so you don't need to worry about losing the control of the account, nor will it make any transfer operations on the account.

• After putting on sale, please do not modify the permission of "EOS public key generated by Meiya", so as not to affect the normal sale.


VolumeFee Rate
0 EOS ~ 3000 EOS29%
3000 EOS ~ 10000 EOS25%
10000 EOS ~ 20%
1. Volume: monthly volume of each short account, not include RAM,CPU and NET.
2. Before the 10th of each month (including the 10th, according to GMT/UTC time), the earnings of last month's will be settled, and transferred to your Meiya's account.

If you need help or have any questions, please contact email: support@mytoken.best , Wechat: support-mytoken-best